Nazaré, Portugal

A Giant Wave Playground.

Big Wave Surf

Tow-In: Nazaré challenge

Eat Out & Drinks

Fair offer of bars and restaurants

Site Seeing

Explore the historic centre

Big Wave Surfing - LIVE

Nazaré is located in the center of the western Portuguese region, at about 130 km north of Lisbon. Every Winter, adrenalin seekers and big wave riders from all over the world pass by for the Nazaré Big Wave Challenge, taking place at this beautiful fishermen town. The event takes place only during one day and has no fixed schedule. It always depends on the predictions and size of the waves...

Explore on Foot

This beautiful town living by the seaside with deep roots in fishing traditions has a lot to offer for a day trip. The seaside-food-specialties can be found on almost every corner for a very fair price. You’ll find local shops and original handicrafts. The old ladies "Nazarenas" will do pretty much anything to sell you dried fruits and salty nuts.

A Unique Surfing Experience


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