Peniche - Europe's Surfing Mecca

Located at a 15 minute drive from our beach house.


Surf and relax all day at the beach.

Site seeing

Explore the old town on foot or by bicycle.

Eat Out & Party

Wide variety of restaurants and bars.

Surf All Day Everyday!

Peniche is located in the center-west region of Portugal, at about 16 km away from our beach house. Up until the medieval times, Peniche was an island that progressively evolved into a peninsula with quite unique natural conditions for the practice of surfing. The variety of surf spots available offering consistency, drove the WSL - World Surf League - to establish at Supertubos beach, one of the most important surf contests of the year, since 2009.

Berlenga Island - Day Tours

Berlenga island is a little piece of paradise easily reachable by boat from Peniche harbour. Take one day of your surf holiday to visit this amazing place and unplug from the rest of the world. Tip: perfect to visit on flat days.

Peniche, The Bay & Baleal

The whole area benefit from a very particular coast that can produce all kinds of waves - point breaks, beach breaks, hollow and mellow waves, no matter which swell or wind direction you have that day. Just by moving from one beach to the other you will always find a perfect wave to surf!

Join us for a memorable surf experience!

Wander and Explore

Peniche has a very picturesque vibe, it is just perfect to explore by bicycle or on foot with a fresh ocean breeze in the face and amazing sunsets on the horizon...

Local Heritage & Site Seeing

Visit the fortress in Peniche that once was a political prison for democratic dissidents. Not far from here is the historic centre with local commerce and good sea food restaurants.

Eat Out & Parties

During the hot months Peniche and Baleal get a really festive scene, filled with locals and people from around the world interacting and celebrating Summer holidays, sipping beer at rooftops and enjoying outdoor sunset parties.


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